About C&S Exclusive

C & S Exclusive is the shop for petrolheads and their cars.

Crazy cars, funny cars, exciting cars, exotic cars, but mainstream as well. Both classic and modern, new or used.

C & S is managed by Peter Westerman. Decades of experience in selling, buying
and servicing cars of numerous brands. As former owner of dealerships and manager of dealerships / carimporters. A.o. Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep, Kia, Suzuki, Alfa.

At C & S you are welcome for any question about anything at all to do with cars: sales, trade, maintenance. And
of course you're welcome for a nice cup of coffee in our showroom.

Have you found a car and would you like advice on your choice? Would you prefer that we search and/or contact the seller and/or survey the car? Please call for options.

Maintenance we do in-house or outsource it to our carefully built up network of specialists. Think of regular maintenance, but also of work on electronics, upholstery, the revision of a 20 year unused carburetor or changing/storing (winter)tyres.

Matters as financing & leasing, warranty, valuation, selling on your behalf and carstorage are our concern as well.

In short, C & S Exclusive is the one-stop shop for you and your car.